Summer Prep

delphi group
2018 Field School Team at Delphi (Ian Roy, Brandeis University)

Greetings, archaeologists!

This is the place for those of you who have pre-registered to check in for news and updates, and answers to key questions.

What do I pack?
Apart from bringing your passport, there are two governing principles to packing for an excavation abroad:

1) Plan to be dirty all the time, so don’t bring anything too nice (one “clean” outfit is recommended for more formal events).
2) Bring all prescription meds with you. Do not expect to be able to fill prescriptions  there.

Here is a suggested packing list which covers essential items for in-field and out-of-the-field use.


What is the overall academic program for the summer?

The Desfina-Kastrouli field school will be action-packed and intensive. It offers an opportunity to be part of a full-scale archaeological research project, and to work alongside and learn from specialists in the discipline.

A sample preliminary syllabus can be found here, although expect changes as we adapt according to research and pedagogical needs. Note that the syllabus requirements apply to ALL PARTICIPANTS, regardless of whether you are taking the excavation for official university credit. These requirements are designed to build common ground and make sure that you get the most out of the archaeological experience. You will receive a certificate from the University of the Aegean upon completion of the excavation.

What can I read to learn more about Desfina-Kastrouli and life in Greece?

We have started a field school Google Drive folder at You can access an English-Greek phrasebook and Survival Greek document there. We have also added some readings in a Bibliography folder. We recommend that you start with Sideris et al. 2017, the preliminary excavation report from previous seasons, and Liritzis et al. 2019, an excellent example of the archaeological science performed on site. Levy et al. 2018 provides a comprehensive introduction to the region while Koh et al. 2020 provides the latest overview of the region based on the inaugural season of the Southern Phokis Regional Project. For those who want a more general background study of ancient Phokis, the region in which Desfina-Kastrouli resides, you can also purchase the affordable volume written by Dr. Koh’s PhD advisor, Dr. Jeremy McInerney: