The Field School

The Southern Phokis Regional Project accepts volunteers to participate in an archaeological field school under the supervision of international faculty, which typically runs in June/July. Institutional consortium opportunities are also considered. 

Excavating a Late Mycenaean tomb

Volunteers participate in ongoing excavation and research projects at the site, including the study, registration and curation of architecture and finds recovered during this and previous seasons.  All field- and lab- work, lectures, and site visits will be guided by experienced faculty from all institutions.

The field program has five components:

  • Daily excavation (7am – 2pm)
  • Lab Processing of Pottery and Artifacts (5-7pm)
  • Lectures and Workshops covering Greek archaeology/history, conservation, digital archaeology, and archaeometry (8-9pm)
  • Tours to the Sanctuary of Delphi, archaeological museums, and sites around the Corinthian Gulf (weekends)
Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 9.47.01 AM.png
Digital site models viewed through 3D glasses

Students can receive academic credit through the University of the Aegean.

Participants will be hosted in a Desfina hotel with weekday dinners provided at local tavernas. This is a great way to get to know the local community and pick up some modern Greek! To keep costs down for volunteers and allow them to tailor meals to their diets, snacks will be provided during breaks on site but breakfast and lunch are the responsibility of each person (an array of markets and tavernas are available in Desfina).

The town of Desfina

The cost for each season will be determined in the previous fall and includes a double room with dinner, all tours, lectures, lab materials and facilities. Single rooms if available can be reserved for an extra cost. Airfare is not included. The preliminary application is due March 1.

There are a number of fellowships and grants which can be used to support field school participation, particularly for those who have no prior excavation experience. Note that deadlines tend to be in the late winter/early spring, so plan ahead! More information on funding and fellowships can be found on our Funding Sources  page.

International, Inclusive, Interdisciplinary

Finally, in the spirt of our motto, SPRP welcomes participants from all backgrounds. Its senior leadership – composed of a Korean American, a Greek national, an American woman descended from southern sharecroppers, a Mormon, a Chinese American, and a Japanese-French American – recognizes that BIPOC and other marginalized groups have all been severely underrepresented in classical studies and archaeology and is therefore deeply committed to nurturing a diversity of voices that can contribute fresh perspectives to the history and archaeology of Greece and the greater Mediterranean world.

desfina field school

Photos courtesy of Ian Roy (Brandeis University) and the University of the Aegean